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DiPasquale’s Espresso, Coffee and Tea not only sells the top quality commercial coffee and tea brewing equipment from the best brands in the industry, we provide professional service and repair. We keep your equipment running smoothly, so you can consistently create great coffee, tea and espresso drinks.

For on location service, our technicians will come to your site within 100 miles of Baltimore and fix most problems on site. When additional parts or repair are needed, we can special order your parts or ship your equipment for specialized service from the manufacturer.

How to Tell if Your Coffee, Tea or Espresso Machine Needs Service

Espresso, coffee and tea are made from simple ingredients, but crafting the perfect cup is far from a simple process. The slightest change in the filters you use, the temperature of your water or the cleanliness of your machine can produce dramatic taste changes.

When your coffee maker, tea brewer or espresso machine breaks down, it may be obvious that something isn’t right. But for those instances where the brew is a little off and the problem is not so visible, a trained technician can diagnose and fix the problem. You don’t want your customers to be the ones to find these problems. Look for these signs:

Look for Leaking Water or Milk

If you notice water or milk collecting in pools around the boiler area of your machine, it could be normal. But anything more than small amounts could be a problem that needs servicing. The valves of a good machine should be replaced periodically.

Not Enough Coffee or Espresso Being Brewed

If the machine seems to be functioning fine, but the amount of coffee or espresso it produces is too little, it may be a sign that the heat exchanger tube needs to be serviced or replaced. This could mean the water from your heat exchanger and the water from your boiler are mixing, so it should be addressed promptly.

Crema Too Hot or Too Cold

If you’re machine isn’t steam based, your crema can tell you if there is a problem with the boiler or pressure switch on your machine. If the water isn’t at the ideal temperature of between 190 and 204 degrees Fahrenheit, there won’t be enough crema being made.

Let DiPasquale’s Service Technicians Diagnose and Repair Your Commercial Machine

Restaurant owners should be focused on the things they do best – serving great drinks and meals to their customers. Let our service technicians handle diagnosing your espresso machine for repair and maintenance. Contact us to schedule an estimate.

DiPasquales Espresso, Coffee and Tea provides quality coffee, tea and espresso products and equipment for the food service industry. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bars in the Baltimore metropolitan area and throughout Maryland rely on DiPasquales for every step from the coffee bean to the coffee cup. We are the preferred distributor and master importer for coffee and espresso from Italys Favorite Coffee Lavazza. We carry a wide selection of teas from Tetley and Mighty Leaf . We sell and service commercial espresso machines from brands like Lavazza, Wega, Rosito Disani, La Cimbali, Faema, and Casadio.
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